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Siliconarts, a leading company in real-time ray tracing GPU technology, developed the world's first ray tracing GPU IP and ray chip based on original patents for related technologies.

Our ray tracing technology is optimized for low power and high performance, processing large amounts of graphics data in real time, and is emerging as an essential element for realizing realistic graphics in the most popular content such as games.

We have been selected as one of the ‘TOP 10 HPC solution providers’ by the APAC CIO Outlook, and as a partner of Intel, we are working together to develop innovative solutions and grow together.

Currently, we are actively expanding our main business scope by developing artificial intelligence semiconductors, GPU chips for metaverse, and GPU chips for PC in addition to our IP product offerings.

Under the goal of ‘Siliconarts GPUs Everywhere’, we will do our best to provide users with a groundbreaking upgrade of their visual experience.  Through our US Silicon Valley branch, we are conducting global sales and partnerships with global companies that are creating the metaverse.


Established in Korea

The Ministry of Knowledge Economy's NIPA R&D program selection

Developed the world first Ray-tracing dedicated chip for mass production ( RayChip®)

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