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RAIV is a GPGPU (General Purpose-GPU) that quickly calculates and processes data used in deep learning or machine learning, scientific calculations and a wide range of computational problems. It is a pivotable semiconductor IP that turns data into a key role in the development of major industries of the industrial revolution. Predictive and AI algorithms that were previously too computationally challenging for many applications can utilize embedded array processing capabilities once reserved for mainframes. Designed based on multi-threaded extensions of the open sourced RISC-V instruction set (GIT's Vortex), it supports innovative product development through strategic collaboration with customers with an efficient architecture that is low cost to implement. It was developed with a SIMT (Single Instruction Multiple Thread) architecture that is optimized for artificial intelligence acceleration, supporting OpenCL compilation to easily configure various types of systems between heterogeneous platforms.

  • Low-power, high-performance acceleration solution 

  • Supports machine learning and inference of various neural networks

  • A total solution that accelerates multiple applications simultaneously through multithreading 

  • Provides fast arithmetic processing of AI data and an optimized structure for applications using it 

  • Provides high scalability

  • Through scalable reconfiguration in units of cores, it is possible to properly configure according to the application Supports various applications that process images such as 3D graphics and AI in the field of edge computing 

  • High quality 3D graphics support

  • In conjunction with graphics acceleration function and AI function, 3D visualization function of artificial intelligence application is provided and applied to the metaverse, etc.


Edge devices including smartphones, IoT, autonomous driving, etc.

From training to inference, we provide a low-power, high-performance acceleration solution that suits our customers.

Smartphone, IoT, Automotive


Inquiries for RAIV are always welcome:


Siliconarts provides SOC Platform Design Services that provides customization and design of computational hardware solutions incorporating advanced CPU and GPU technologies. The Siliconarts SoC Design Platform consists of ARM or RISC-V processors, ray tracing GPU processors (RayCore) for photorealistic graphics and our GPGPU IP (RAIV) for AI. This platform design can speed the delivery of chip designs for fabless or system companies developing a wide variety of applications, such as gaming, next-gen internet (metaverse), autonomous driving, and many others. Our platform designers work in collaboration with foundry and physical design house companies to complete a tape-out of your next project.

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